2017 Gift Buying Guide: Shop baubles that flaunts her personality.

Soooo, the buzzing Black Friday sales start next week. While the season of stressing and hustling to choose the right gift is upon us, did you know that jewelry is one of the best gift ideas for all the ladies in your life? Mom, wifey, daughter-girl, and can't forget the BFF. The best way to pick the right styles and selections that will ravish your good girlfran and make her feel special is to embrace her personality and choose items that flaunts it. B. Foxy is all about the celebration of self expression and understand, better than anyone else, that every girl has her own unique sense of style. Therefore, we’ve prepared a little guide to help you find the perfect jewels to suit her personality.

Here, take a look:

Free-Spirited & Soul-Full

For the free-spirited femme with a colorful soul? You need to choose jewels that are unique and exotic like her very own personality. Obviously, they must radiate a powerful energy to compliment her fiery confidence. She adores the bold glamour of ethnic trends, the earthly beauty of tribal designs, the flirtatious femininity of tassels and the colorful vibrancy of rare stones.

This is a woman who doesn’t shy away from flaunting chunky and heavy jewelry, so pick out large statements with dazzling stones, tribal-inspired chokers, layered beaded necklaces, textures, and all other baubles that make a strikingly bold statement. 

Contemporary Minimalist

For the contemporary boss chic who likes to accessorize her edgy #ootds with powerful masculine-inspired trends requires sleek, modern details. This is an alpha woman who likes to play up her sensuality with small statements that pop. She adores sleek metallic cuffs, animal-print accessories, long chain necklaces, chain-link chokers, and the edgy minimalism of sleekly thin earrings. You should go for that one, minimalistic piece that boasts a powerful sensuality!

Goddess of Sparkle!

Some women adore the dazzling radiance of sparkle zircon-studded jewels, chunky bling and glittery patterns. They like to dazzle up their looks with sequined beads, glittery bracelets, shiny earrings and other bling accessories that amplify the energy of their glam.

Sparkle lovers adore vintage inspired baubles that allow them to channel a flirty chicness with their LBD's and nightlife looks. Obviously, these women never shy away from distinctive dominating statements with sparkly earrings or heavily bejeweled chokers. You can also delight them with a lovely combo of rhinestone-studded rings to bling up their dope manis. 

Lady Boss

The fearless CEOs and sharp-witted lawyers who always dress to impress and own their style with their sharply tailored suits and cute blazers. But they never fail to flaunt their femininity with delicate and conservative baubles that compliments their lady boss vibes. These women appreciate delicate strands of pearls that can embellish their sleek sheath dresses, sparkly studs to be worn with pantsuits, and of course, a thin bracelet that can be paired with her Michele signature watch. 

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