Are you ready for some football? How to accessorize for football Sundays.

Fall means football, right? Welp, football season is finally here!!! Can it BE any more exciting? I don’t think so. If you are a die hard fan of the game, you might have your football Sunday looks already picked out for the rest of the season (whether your team are bums, or not). Ok, let's be real: When it comes to a highly energized and happening football game, no one will actually be focusing on what you wear. But you should still look your foxy best anyway. Just keep these simple tips and fashion trends in mind to rock out and look good during any rivalry.

Football season is actually a great opportunity to flaunt your oversized jumbo tees with cool messages, ripped jeans, hem shredded shorts and boujee shades. Also, during football season, you can finally try out all those DIY chic hair and makeup looks that you have been binge-watching on YouTube but never really had an occasion or place to wear them to. If all this isn't exciting enough to wake up the foxy chica inside you, read on to learn more ways about how to accessorize for football Sundays.. And of course, feel free to try any of the looks we have gathered here for you.

Tassel up Your Cold Shoulders

It has been a season of tassel jewelry and cold shoulder tops y’all. Finally the official season to pair them together is here. For the football season, it's totally ok to take your casual look up a notch but not to the level of a dinner party or formal event. (nah gurl, now that's a bit much) You want to look good but still be comfy since you may be in the chilly air, or a hot basement, crazily cheering for your team. A perfect combination would be wearing a cold shoulder top with some ripped jeans. Add the details with some tassel earrings and metal bangles. Pair your outfit with some blocked heel booties,and of course, polish it off with some badass sunnies.

Pink-Up the Game

Seasons will come and go, but pink will always have its special place in the girl-world. Especially during the month of October when we bring awareness to breast health. (Save the boobs!) Pink-up your enthusiasm for both sports and your ta ta's with a nice feminine pink top that has something cool and sporty written. This is the time to get your specific message out in the world while still being trendy. Complement your choice of pink top with denim shorts and white sneakers. If it's a little too chilly in your region, swap the shorts for a pair of leggings, or pair the leggings with the shorts. Who gon' check you, boo?

Fringe it Girl!!!

You should always involve fringe somehow with your #ootd but an absolute must to include for the upcoming games. When in doubt of what to wear, get some fringes involved. You can make a dope fringe top yourself. That's the best part about fringe. Just grab any sort of top, your scissors, and fringe it up. Accessorize with a long statement stone pendant and some chunky gold bracelets. 

Share with us some of your football sunday looks!

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