Do your jewels match your mood?

Fashion jewelry has a lot more to offer than just being a thing of style and sass. It goes back centuries where it served various purposes and meanings across many ancient civilizations. Today in the modern western world, it is associated mainly with the fashion and everyday wardrobes. Some women cherish their jewels and ornaments as some of their most precious possessions. But did you know the earrings or bangles that you choose to decorate with may actually influence how you feel day to day? Would you believe it if someone told you that the way you dress and accessorize may actually give you all the feels to help you make it through the day? 

You may be reading this like; yeah.ok.whatever. It sounds extreme but it is in fact very true. The world around you notices how you choose to carry yourself and how you carry yourself is a direct result of the way you feel about yourself. If you feel bold and confident in the skin you're in, you feel like you can take on any challenges that dare come face to face with you. Dressing up and flaunting your style is usually that confidence booster we need to do just that. And yes, your garments have an important roll to play, but what are they without the finishing touches: makeup, shoes, bags and of course, the jewels? 

Fashion jewelry is absolutely a way of expressing yourself. It is a testimony of your charisma and style, a reflection of your thoughts and ideas about the world. That is one reason why gemstone jewelry is so popular. Gemstones are not only classy but some of them are actually known to radiate positive energy and act as mood boosters. And it goes without saying that gemstones are just dope.

Perform a little experiment on yourself. On a day you're just not feeling people, or IT, but still have some important work assignments to do so calling in slick...oops, sick from work is not an option, accessorize yourself! Add in some bold arm-candy or a statement ring. Layer up some necklaces or add an outstanding brooch and pay close attention to when you start to feel all them good vibes slowly seep in to get you shifted into now feeling ya'self. There was a reason why Holly Golightly chose to have her breakfast at Tiffany’s every morning! Jewelry makes women happy and that is a fact. 




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