Fashion Jewelry Trends for Fall 2018

The fall is coming and just like any other turn of the season, you want to keep up with the trends. Clothes, shoes, bags, belts, and the main thing, jewelry. Accessories are very important in the fashion industry and great jewels can make an average look seem bad-ass. You will catch eyes from many and leave a great fashionable impression on the others. So here’s what you will need to stand out in the crowd this fall; big earrings, colored gems, & chains…

  • As you know, chains have been very popular through the last couple of seasons, but they were a bit modest in comparison to this 2018 trend. Now it’s time to go BIG! Massive chains with the even bigger pendant will be a total hit for the season. The effect of this style is: drama and attention.


  • Who doesn’t like gems, right? We all do. This fall the trend goes the full spectrum of beautiful colors. Adding gems of all colors to your wardrobe will add texture, boldness, and class.r gems of all colors. Gems can add a very outstanding impression. This is a very eye-catchy jewelry trend.


  • Uno or Dos? When it comes to earrings, do we really have to wear both? This fall brings out the trend of boasting a single earring. And if you love to make a statement, this is the look for you. Sometimes one is just enough. Especially when it’s expressive and detailed.

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