Holiday Jewelry Trends To Go Awf With!

If you keep up with our chatter (blogs), then you probably have an idea about how much we appreciate the power of jewelry. It can easily transform your outfit & style from WTH to Damn Gurl! in a matter of seconds. So when the holiday season rolls around and you're feeling festive going out to holiday partayyy; you absolutely have to add the jewels to enhance your holiday look and up your glam. Don’t you agree?

Now the question is; what jewelry styles should you go for? Well let us help you add the details.


Would you agree that pearls and holiday styles go together kinda like PB & J? A pearl necklace or a pearl bracelet will instantly add class and sass to your look, which is exactly what you want during the holiday season. Originally, pearls used to be worn by women during fancy balls and dinner parties, but now it’s time for you to make a new style statement. You can even go for pearl earrings and rings!

Choker Necklaces

All hail the choker! Ladies of style are refusing to let them go and so should you. You can wear a choker with any holiday outfit and you know what the best part is? You can even layer them! There are a bunch of choker styles out there, from delicate and simple ones to bold and edgy ones.

Duster Earrings

If you don’t know what duster earrings are, they are basically earrings which lightly dust against your shoulders. They are available in various styles, so you can go for a simple tassel or big bling ones; the choice is entirely yours but we say go big or go home. They would look really amazing when paired with a holiday dress, so you must try them out.

Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces have become a go to statement for any time of year. The fun and easy part of this trend is there are no rules when it comes to layering. Add a bunch of your favorite necklaces together to create a unique look to accentuate any necklines whether full cleavage or no cleavage. (We vote for the cleavage)


Wanna hear from y'all. Which holiday jewelry trend will you be rockin'?

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