Pearls – The Next Big Jewelry Statement

Did you see it coming? Pearls are the next big jewelry statement in the fashion world! For centuries women all over the world have been using jewelry not only to adorn themselves but also to make an expressive bold statement. If paid enough attention, one can discern a woman’s temperament, attitude and even mood depending on the piece of jewelry she chose for herself on a given day. Gemstones, colorful Swarovski crystals, beads, big silver or metal chunks all have been quite popular components of statement jewelry. Pearls, as such, were never considered a popular component of fashion jewelry.

For years and years, pearls were considered as exquisite timeless classic, fine jewelry piece. Strings of real pearls were considered an exotic present from far faraway lands of orient. Perhaps, something a duchess or a lady was expected to wear around her neck with her expensive silk dresses. In some cultures pearls were considered a symbol of purity and riches.  Maybe that is the reason pearl jewelry is quite popular among brides as well....hmmm.

These days, pearls are being used by jewelry enthusiasts in various experimental ways. That simple string of pearl around the neck or wrist has been replaced by bold chunky necklaces and layered bracelets or bangles. They are even used in statement earrings in combined with Swarovski crystals and silk tassels. However, if you still not sure if this classic is right for you or not sure about how you can introduce them into your #ootd this season, here are a few suggestions for you:

The Colored Pearl Strands: If you are a working woman that needs to be somewhat minimalist, but still love to accessorize, try colored pearls. Colored pearls are easily accessible and come in various sizes. For a safe start, pick a double stranded necklace. They compliment an array of necklines, but boat necks would work best for them. To add an extra 'ayyyyee,' pair it with matching pearl bracelet.

Mix your White Pearls with Gold: The white classic pearls look stunning when mixed with gold. If you want to stay on trend with the ‘in’ pearl statement jewelry but keep things a little classy, go with a duo-tone statement necklace. Pick a white pearl statement necklace with gold clasps. This particular style of jewelry will make an elegant fall accessory. Pair it with your knitted soft tone sweaters to add a zing in your daily choice of outfit.

Go Bohemian with Your Pearls: Multilayered necklaces are still all the rage. Pair a tri-layered gold pearl statement necklace with your deep V tops for a bohemian style statement.


Go All Out with A Chunky Pearl Statement Chocker: If you are all about that boss life, and are fearless with going all out with your style statements, go for a big oversized pearl choker. Something that is multi-layered and uses different sizes of pearls! Flaunt it with an all black dress. If you want to add a pop of color to your attire, introduce creamy beige or peachy nude shoes and hand bags. There you have it. Your perfect fall outfit completed with some statement pearl jewelry!


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