The hottest fashion jewelry trends for Fall/Winter '17

Ladies, designers have presented us with stunning bijou collections that featuring bold statement earrings, artsy chokers, sleek arm cuffs and a great deal more.

Allow us to present you to the hottest jewelry trends to rock in Fall/Winter’17: 

Larger than Life Statements

All women adore flaunting statement earrings because they make us feel exotic and radiant. Well, ladies, get ready to take their glamour and radiance to a whole new level for this season, statement earrings have gotten bigger, brighter and chunkier.

Designers have flooded the runways with glittery and shiny shoulder-grazing and neck-grazing earrings that exaggerate both, length and glamour. You can shop these larger than life statement earrings in gemstones, metallic accents, leather straps, shiny diamantes and glittery graphics.


Religious Glam

Crucifix-themed jewelry is always an intensely sexy pick for a classic glamour look, but this fall, designers have given religious glam a bold exotic touch. Studded with vibrantly colorful gemstones, diamonds, gold polished metallic accents and lots more, crucifix earrings, bracelets, chokers, pendants and rosaries have caused quite the glamour frenzy on the bijou radar.

If you want to mark your style with distinctiveness and exclusivity, get yourself a glamorous pair of gemstone-studded crucifix earrings.


Sleekly Cuffed

Sleek and polished arm cuffs with contemporary minimalist designs were all the rage on the fall’17 runways. We spotted glorious arm cuffs featuring delicate gemstones, shiny monograms of luxury designer brands, glossy mineral slices and metallic detailing.

If you are a minimalist at heart with a taste of sleek and modern accessories, the arm cuff trend has a great deal to offer your style. It is a versatile trend that can be flaunted at black tie events, work-related engagements and even casual streetwear.


One Earring Missing?

We all thought that the one earring trend would die out after summer, but boy, we were so wrong. This gloriously artsy and eccentrically glamorous earring trend created quite the glamour frenzy on the runways this fall, and we get to flaunt it with a myriad of artsy designs and variances.

For instance, you can shop it in tassels, fringes, feathery detailing, leather straps, floral arrangements, gemstones and lots more. 

Artsy Chokers

Haven’t we all had enough of those basic and same-old-same-old fabric chokers? Designers certainly seem to think so, which is why they have presented us such iconic and artsy takes on the classic choker trend. This fall, get ready to shop some intensely glamorous and creative chokers featuring exotic butterflies, gemstone art, gleaming gold-metallic accents, leather straps.

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