All you need to know about travelling with jewelry.

Summer is almost here which means y’all are probably making travel plans or packing up for your vacation. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that for most of us, packing is the most annoying part of travelling. You want to slay your look during the vacation but packing and taking care of things like jewelry can be a huge pain in the ass. There are so many things you need to decide from what to take with you to what would be the safest way to pack those items. Well girlfriend, you are at the right place cause this guide is gonna save you a lot of thinking.


Whether emotional or monetary, there is no point of bringing along items that will not let you fully enjoy your vacation. Especially if you are going to spend time chilling on the beach or ziplining through a rain forest. Keep in mind that you can easily lose valuable jewelry in places like these. Even when staying in a topnotch hotel, you probably don’t want any unwelcomed attention from the hotel staff or pickpockets.

Think practical.

It is all about practicality when it comes to packing. Certain jewelry can cause your luggage to get hella heavy so take items that you can pair with more than one outfit. When it comes to earrings, minimal gold/silver stud earrings and hoops with a little bit of bling are both a lightweight and stylish option. They can work with a lot of casual outfits but would also add the perfect pop to your look for a night out. While you should avoid items that are chunky or can create a tangled mess, one or two statement necklaces that are less likely to cause tangle drama are a good option. Rings are probably the safest jewelry option, they are small, tangle-free and easy to pack. You can take as much of a large variety as you want.

Collected all the items you are taking with you? Cool.

Now is the time to decide how you are going to pack them. While you can buy jewelry boxes, rolls and pouches specifically made for travelling, there are also about a bazillion DIY methods you can utilize to pack jewelry in a manner so it does not get lost in the clothes or gets tangled. For instance, use a plastic straw along the chain for necklace that can get tangled. Put your studs through a Styrofoam plate or the holes in a button to prevent losing them in the bag. Even toilet paper tubes and rolled up towels are convenient as hell for jewelry storage. You can wrap your bracelets and necklaces around them and also punch studs and earrings into them.

These tips will ensure you don’t lose your shit during the trip.

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