Why the tassel jewelry trend is the hottest thing happening right now.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you've definitely observed that the tassel jewelry trend is everywhere. Tassels are so in your face right now that even if you're not a fan of them, you gotta admit that some styles got you taking a double look. From the model on the glossy magazine cover to the girl next door (oh, and we have to give props to the fashion influencers on Instagram and Youtube) it has become such a popular adornment for women of all styles and ages. Girl, it's time to get you some!.

But seriously, tassel jewelry is not something entirely new. Ladies have really enjoyed the threads for quite some time. The trend hit the spotlight late last summer and seems as if it is here to stay. 

We think earrings are the fun-nest item. They come in so many colors and lengths and can literally be worn for any occasion. Hanging out with your tribe? Accessorize any simple top and jeans with some contrasting color tassel earrings. Maybe go with a cobalt blue tassel earrings with a subdued shade of shirt. Throw on a pair of your favorite badass sunnies – and wah-lah; an effortlessly chic look, that literally took a minute and zero effort on your part.

Tassel earrings transcend from casual to formal. For your formal night events, go for long, f a formal outfit. You just have to pick the right pair of jewelry. Get yourself a pair of sassy, long luxurious silk tassel earrings, preferably in black. Since black is always the go to color, you can't go wrong with it. Especially when you sprinkle some gold in the mix. Throw some bling on the wrist and you are set for the night.


Tassel earrings are just the beginning when it comes to this fun, flirty trend. If you really want to step it up a notch, grab up some tassel bracelets or even neck pieces. The adornment added to handbags and shoes are a treat as well. They are an easy way to add a statement piece to an otherwise simple outfit to help you stand out in the crowd.

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