Jewelry Care


Just because it's COSTUME Jewelry doesn't mean you don't take care of it. Costume jewelry can outlast generations with the proper TLC. The Jewelry you will find at B. Foxy is high quality and durable, as well as, Foxy & Fashionable.

Lets talk about some proper usage, storage, and care tips. If you are going to clean it, make sure that the cleaner doesn't contain ammonia, vinegar, acids, or alcohols. Also, do not use soap and water because most soaps will leave a residue on the metal and make the stones look dull.  In addition to not using soap and water, practice removing your jewelry before washing your hands, taking a bath/shower, or swimming.

Make note that perspiration along with lotions and perfumes, will also cause damaging effects. You should always make sure that your jewelry stays completely dry because moisture will deteriorate the stones and metal. Extreme temperature changes can shift stone settings and glue. There are a few storage ideas to consider: curio cabinets, plastic boxes, soft cloth jewelry bags, or our favorite choice: Ziplock Bags.